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Providing first-class aeronautical services
Serco in the Middle East
You’re probably familiar with some of Serco’s global activities and the enormous scale of our business. But did you know that we’ve been active in the Middle East for over 60 years?

We first started to deliver air traffic control services in Bahrain in 1947 and today we’re still providing aeronautical services at seven of the Middle East’s leading international airports.

But the scope of our work goes much further than that.

Through International Aeradio (Emirates) LLC, based in the UAE, and Aeradio Technical Services in Bahrain, we also offer state-of-the-art technological solutions in telecoms, aeronautical systems, enforcement systems and marine electronics.

In addition, we deliver comprehensive transport solutions for government and the private sector and are fast becoming the first choice regionally for road, rail and infrastructure services.

Not surprisingly, our teams are involved in an ever-growing range of activities - from top-level consultancy and strategy through to ground-level management of operations. The result? A vibrant and challenging career environment where talented specialists and highly qualified professionals can have a real impact on our future success.